Scenetag Brand and Concept Site

Project: A modern and confident site to support and promote the Scenetag App
Brief History: Scenetag was an invention of the ‘third screen’ variety, meant to support media content of all varieties with additional content using audio algorithms.

The Scenetag project began with the logo design and brand aesthetic, which were also used in the app’s UI designs that I did, itself.

A single page supporting website explaining the product that was still undergoing ensued.

The App author was excited about his project so brand revisions began along with designs and prototypes for a new single page site attempting to glamourize the engagement offerings of the service and/or app. Custom javascript and animated svgs using Greensock javascript framework where part of the plan to add that little bit of something.

The animation above form the base for the banner slideshow.

The site is now in heitous, while new product development insights are being considered.


Toronto, ON


437 990 2142


Address Toronto, ON

Phone  647 437-2142


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