Illustration and Animation

I’ve been drawing all my life and using Adobe Illustrator efficiently since v3, but it is only until recently that I feel a strong desire to get back into vector drawing and animation. This page is going to grow exponentially while I roll out that digital sketchbook. While my digital drawing website ‘Planet Frenzy’ purposes to the whimsical/anything goes side of things, drawings here are focused on commercial potential. This is popular stuff now, so I’m am timely with my self-projects, it seems.

Just a horse ‘hud’ animation using CC Animate.

Series of drawings for a explainer video that I also did creative and motion for.

Series of drawings for website art.

Light a candle. Simple svg animation using Adobe Animate and Illustrator.

Generic flat graphics/icons.

Generic flat graphics/icons.

Spaceman SVG

Spaceman flat vector illustration. Animation to come.

Simple vector animation for concept web page.

Fun with CSS transforms (on loan from Planet Frenzy).

Mascot design for my future technical blog (launching soon we all hope).

I just figured I would do an emoji using iconic funk bassist Bootsy Collins as the subject.

Label instructions illustration.

Part of instruction infographic sequence.

Technical line illustration.

Vector illustration done in Adobe Illustrator for web site.

Vector infographic for website.

Vector realism machinery rendering.

Generic flat graphics.

Quick flat graphic.

Banner for Planet Frenzy.


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