About RHI

I have been freelancing and consulting and executing multimedia services to contracting agencies and small/medium businesses under the guise of RedHorse Interactive since 2002…

It is really the diversity of skills involved in my work that make my story difficult to follow. I naturally started out in print design, which is the profession of choice for the artistically inclined. I studied Fine Art prior to engaging the career path which has me where I am now… still creatively inspired across media.

Visual from the painted canvas to the digital screen is a claim I can actually make, presumptuous though it may sound.  I really just equivalate it to knowing multiple languages, though visual ones.

Please browse the work galleries and I hope you are inspired to work with me.

I wish this old picture wasn’t damaged, but it is a good one of Amber (aka Lunar Star) and myself.

About the Name

I chose the name ‘RedHorse’ for my self-proprietorship because of the positive virtues I believe are represented in the horse (work, beauty, courage etc.) and red because its an action colour.

For many years I had an active mascot… they didn’t get any redder than my horse Amber. Amber passed in Fall 2012 but is remembered in the name still!


Toronto, ON


437 990 2142



Address Toronto, ON

Phone  647 437-2142

Email mark@redhorseinteractive.com

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