Adease Media Intelligence

Projects: Website Design and Markup, Administration Panel UX, Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy
Capacity: Freelance Developer/Graphic Designer

Brand, website and marketing materials were developed over a span of several years for Adease.


The Adease site was to intended to give presence and boast of the data accumulation systems that this company had developed.
Responsibilities included all design and studio work and a fair contribution in regard to content strategy, copy editing and original writing. I developed the front-end html and css markup, built on the Bootstrap 3 framework and coordinated with an Omsk based PHP developer who used the Zend framework, who rolled the markup over into his templates.

The site also included some javascript demo animations and data services tapping into Adease’s data archives to demonstrate the robust capabilities of their services. The site has recently undergone a re-strategy of single page/full screen video format.

Logo and brand

The concept of the rippling soundwaves was the client’s brainchild, the preference for green and blue colour schemes as well, so the logo was a matter simply making the typography strong. Since the business dealt with advertising data a bold helvetica added some tradition to the mark, I felt.

Adease also feature a range of product types, so quick derivative symbols were developed to give those substance in presentation material (see image below).

Digital Advertising

HTML 5 emailers were periodically produced ((see image below).

The film noir concept was developed (and also used on website CTAs) to give some flavour to the foundations of hard core data, and at the same time spoke, albeit playfully, to the ‘clandestine’ nature of so much marketing data being available at a single point of contact.

Sales Presentations

Video sales presentations and explainer videos are also part of Adease’s marketing drive and these are generally composited using after effects though PowerPoint is naturally used as well.


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