Motion Design, Web Development, Collateral & Production

Motion Design, Web Development, Collateral & Production

About RHI

Redhorse interactive is an inclusive, “full-stack” visual communications service. Consultation, design and production on multimedia and graphic design projects and contracting in essential Adobe Creative Cloud disciplines (After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshops). Multimedia collateral, creative support, project management and concept to completion design and multimedia communications projects.

Interative Design & Web Development

Website build, front-end design, content strategy, UX,

Digital Advertising, Banner ads, html emailers

Front end and video development skills pertaining to digital ads.

DESIGN, Illustration & Production

Print material, vector illustration, brand development.

Motion Design & Presentations

Presentations, digital signage, ads, animation, SFX, design & production.


Toronto, ON


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Address Toronto, ON

Phone  647 437-2142